Sterilizing Water Generator

Slightly Acidic HOCl Generator



1. FDA approved (HOClsterilization & deodorization)

     FDA Registration Number: 3009494615

2. Connects to your faucet to ensure safe tap water!

3. Excellent cost-effectiveness

4. Produce an effective chlorine concentration of 40 ppm (±10 ppm),

     which is highly effective for sterilization.

5. Motion sensors can control the amount of time water flows.

6. Simply use the buttons to set the desired amount of water for the user.

Dimension (WxDxH)
265(W) x 142(D) x 365(H)
Generation method
Electrolysis Method
Solution (pH)

HOCl (pH 5.0 ~ 6.5)

The Volume of Effective Chlorine
20 ~ 50mg/kg± 10mg/kg
Solution Production Capacity
Max 3.0L / min
Power Supply
AC 220V(50/60Hz) /60W
Exclusive Supplementary Fluid
Operation Mode
Motion Detector(non-contact), Start / Stop Button
Setting Range of Generation Time
Setting Range of Water Production Capacity

Viral Inactivation Test

(99.9% or higher)

• Tokyo University: Norovirus, Poliovirus

• KR Biotech: COVID-19

• Korea Institute of Chemical Research: Influenza virus type A (H3N2),

• FDA-related research institutes: E. coli, Listeriae, Pseudomonas 

   aeruginosa, Enterococcus, Bacillus cereus, Staphylococcus aureus, 

   Salmonella Enteritidis, Legionella pneumophila, and Human Covid

• Seoul S University Test: Canine Parvovirus, Distemper, etc.

Safety Data
Acute oral toxicity test, Acute skin irritation and corrosive test, Eye irritation and corrosive test

※ It may vary depending on temperature, water pressure, and quality of the water supplied.